What could be more appealing than a fireplace in your Brighton home? Besides the obvious increase in warmth (and cosiness), a fireplace can increase the value of your home. A National Association of Home Builders report showed that 55% of home buyers rate fireplaces as desirable or essential. So if you have been wavering, now is the time to book a gas or wood fireplace installation to up your home’s value!

Can I add a fireplace to my home?

It’s possible to add a fireplace to any home. You just need to determine which type works best for your home and your needs. In Australia, there are three types of fireplaces:

  • Wood-burning 
  • Gas-burning 
  • Electrical 


Wood fireplaces

Wood fireplaces or wood heaters, as they are also known, not only add warmth, they increase the ambience in your home. If you love hearing the crackle of wood, a wood heater may be for you. A cost-effective, sustainable and elegant way to heat your home, wood heaters are often viewed as a somewhat old-fashioned way to heat your home. However, with the advent of ultramodern fireplace designs, even new homes can install a contemporary-looking fireplace. Just look at our friends at Living Fire in Richmond. They offer inbuilt, freestanding, open wood fire modern designs that work with any aesthetic!  


Gas log fireplaces

If you prefer to start your fire with the flick of a switch, then a gas log fireplace is the best decision for you. Easy to operate and maintain, gas fireplaces provide warmth and ambience without the mess of wood fires. Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels making gas log fireplaces an environmentally conscious heating choice. 


Electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces might be for you if you want an inexpensive fireplace option. Easy to install in any room, electric fireplaces often fit in most spaces. 


Fireplace location

To get the most out of your fireplace, put your new fireplace in the most-used room in the house other than the kitchen. Additionally, factor in the dimensions of the fireplace and whether it needs to vent. Speak to a professional gas fitter in Melbourne to ensure you have the detailed specifications to safely install your fireplace. 


Wood or gas fireplace installations for Melbourne’s southeast suburbs

Turn your home into a cosy sanctuary with a gas log or wood fireplace installation from Almac Plumbing. 

Whether you want to convert your existing fireplace to gas, add a new gas log fireplace, or install a wood fireplace, you should hire a licensed gas fitter to do the work. Almac’s focus on safety and top-notch workmanship make us the best choice for your Melbourne gas or wood fireplace installation and repairs. 


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