We’ve come a long way since wood fireplaces were first invented in Europe in the 1500s.
(And thankfully, our modern-day wood fireplaces aren’t as dangerous as the original ones were!)
Nowadays, wood fireplace installation is easier than ever before. Engaging a professional gas-fitter who is a plumber for your wood fireplace installation ensures you can enjoy your fireplace safely.

Tips for a successful wood fireplace installation

Typically a professional gas fitter will do most of the work for your wood fireplace installation. However, there are some steps you can take before the installation to get ready for your new wood-burning fireplace insert.

Choose a location

As with everything in life, location matters; therefore, be mindful of where you place your new fireplace. Make sure you have ample room to install the fireplace, away from anything combustible such as furniture, flooring and walls. Plus, you need to focus on which rooms you want to heat and how the heat will travel in your home. Furthermore, keep in mind that heat rises if you have a two-storey house. So if you want to heat your home as efficiently as possible, place your fireplace on the bottom floor of your two-storey home.

Fire-resistant flooring

Adding fire-resistant flooring under your fireplace is your smartest move before a wood fireplace installation. Hot sparks may jump out when adding wood to the fire. Adding fire-resistant flooring underneath your wood fireplace can increase the safe usage of your wood fireplace. Tile, tile, or brick are ideal floorings underneath a fireplace.

Wall space behind your wood heater

Adding material if the fireplace is adjacent or mounted to the wall adds an additional level of safety.

Firewood storage

A wood fireplace uses a lot of wood, especially if it is the primary heating source in your Melbourne home. Therefore, placing your fireplace in a room where you can place some wood by it or easily access your outdoor wood supply may make having a wood fireplace more enjoyable and less work.

Ash removal

Wood fireplaces produce a lot of ash. So, before you start burning wood, decide how to dispose of it. Ash can be hot and flammable for days after a fire. Therefore, choose a non-combustible metal container to store it.

Wood fireplace installations in Bayside

Whether you follow these tips or not, you need to book a professional gas fitter to install your wood heater. It’s the Victorian law to have a licensed gas fitter set up your wood-burning fireplace to ensure your and your loved one’s safety.

For professional wood fire installations or gas log fireplace installations in Bayside, Brighton, Bentleigh, Sandringham, or Hampton, contact the gas-fitting team at Almac Plumbing on 1300 125 622. Friendly, clean and reliable, Almac Plumbing has the expertise to care for all your gas fitting and wood fireplace servicing needs. And with over 20 years of experience, you can trust that we will get the job done right with a smile on our faces!