Can’t decide between a wood or gas fireplace? After reading our nine reasons why you need a gas fireplace, you will be booking your gas log fireplace installation ASAP!

1/ Warmth

Without a doubt, keeping warm should be the first reason to get a gas log fireplace installed! A gas fireplace warms your home or business quickly and efficiently with constant heat. 

2/ Instant (and consistent) heat 

No need to drag firewood in from the cold. With the flick of a switch, you will be basking in the warmth. And it can be turned off just as fast! 

3/ Temperature control

Gas log fireplaces offer complete (and instant!) control. Turn up the heat a few notches after the sun sets, or cool it down as the sun rises – your indoor temperature will be exactly as you like it. Some gas fireplaces even have programmable timers so you can arrive home to a toasty warm space. 

4/ Energy saving

Heating and cooling can account for 20 – 50% of the energy used in Melbourne homes! Choosing an energy-efficient gas fireplace can help you maximise your energy savings. When selecting a gas log fireplace, look for the Australian Gas Association star ratings to help you decide on the best gas fireplace for your home. 

5/ Environmentally friendly

Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels. So while wood fires aren’t as bad as you think, gas fireplaces produce minimal emissions making them the more environmentally conscious heating choice for your Bayside home. 

6/ Keep warm even without power

Even if you lose power, your natural gas fireplace installation will continue to work, producing heat—no power = no problem with natural gas fireplaces.

7/ Safe heat

A gas fireplace is a safer option for children and pets since there are no sparks, flames or doors to open. 

8/ Zero mess

Not only will you not have to clean up pesky woodchips all over the floor, you can chuck out the ash bucket and poker too. Gas log fireplaces do not produce any soot – making them a mess-free way to heat your home. 

And let’s face it, chopping, stacking, drying and even storing firewood can be a pain. Even if you purchase pre-split, seasoned wood, you still need to stack and store it (and carry it inside on our cold, rainy Victorian winter days). With a gas fireplace, there is no cleanup AND no prep work!

9/ Ambience

Without a doubt fire adds ambience to your home. Installing a gas log fire insert into an existing chimney or adding a gas fireplace to a wall beneath your TV is a sure-’fire’ way to up your Brighton home’s ambience (and value). 

Gas log fireplace installations for Melbourne’s southeast suburbs

Turn your home into a snug sanctuary with a gas log fireplace installation from Almac Plumbing. Practical, efficient and stylish, gas log fires keep you warm without the work. 

Whether you want to update your existing fireplace to gas, add a new gas log fireplace, or install a wood fireplace (if this article hasn’t convinced you), you should hire a licensed gas fitter do the work. Almac’s top-notch workmanship, along with our focus on safety, makes us the best choice for your Melbourne gas fireplace installation and repairs. Contact Sandringham’s most reliable gas fitters on 1300 125 622.