When it comes to kitchen renovations, replacing your cooktop with a new gas stove may not wow your guests. But, it will wow you. A new or upgraded gas cooktop can radically change your life and the functionality of your kitchen.
So if you are planning a kitchen reno that includes moving or installing a new gas stove, read on to learn why it’s essential to engage licensed gas fitters in Bayside.

Minimum clearance requirements for gas stoves

When shopping around for a new gas stove, you probably aren’t focused on the burner clearance. However, under Energy Save Victoria gas stove regulations, each gas burner must have a minimum distance from combustible surfaces and materials to protect you from a fire. And, the gas installation may not only be illegal but also downright dangerous if the clearance requirements aren’t met.

Gas plumbing standards

Minimum distances aren’t the only thing you need to consider when purchasing a new gas stovetop. You need to think about your plumbing. Why do you need to think about your plumbing when installing a gas stove, you may wonder? Because your gas line may not have enough capacity for your new gas stove. Or, you may need a gas line upgrade or gas line replacement to make sure you don’t have gas leaks. These are just a handful of issues you may encounter when installing a new gas stove—so, engaging a licensed gas fitter to inspect your gas plumbing before your gas stove installation ensures your safety (and sanity). 

Engage a qualified gas fitter in Melbourne

Gas fitters and plumbers in Melbourne’s southeast suburbs, Almac Plumbing has the expertise to care for all your gas fitting and servicing needs. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust that we will get the job done right with a smile on our faces!

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