Almac Plumbing local to Hampton provides answers to frequently asked questions about the range of services we offer.

Our team of licensed plumbers and gas fitters at Almac Plumbing are local to Brighton, Sandringham, Hampton, Bayside and surrounds. We adhere to our strict standards of professionalism, which means turning up on time and completing the work to the best of our ability. 

We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, completing each project to the highest standards of workmanship offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

What suburbs does Almac Plumbing service?

Hampton, Sandringham, Brighton, Bayside and surrounding suburbs

Are your plumbers registered and insured?

Yes we are licensed with the VBA and it is also mandatory for us to have public liability insurance

Does Almac install woodfires?

Yes, we do. Almac Plumbing is a qualified wood fire installer.

What are your business hours?

Monday – Friday 7am until 5pm

Can a plumber do gas fitting?

For a plumber to work with gas they need to complete additional training to become a gas fitter. Plumbing and gas fitting are two different trade qualifications that both require training (and hands-on experience). If you are unsure if you are hiring a plumber who is a licensed gas fitter ask to see their contractor or tradesperson licence. It should list gas fitter on it. Almac are licensed gas fitters.

Does Almac provide emergency plumbing services?

No unfortunately we do not

Almac Plumbing does NOT service the following:
  • no roof plumbing
  • no unblocking drains
  • no emergency plumbing
Do you work after hours?

Yes, If the job requires extra hours then we will do what it takes!

What is the difference between sewer & stormwater drainage systems?

Your home’s sewer system is made up of all the pipes from your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Your stormwater system is made up of gutters, downpipes, pits and drains that collect and carry rainwater away from your house.

You can read more about the differences in our blog post.