General Plumbing

Almac Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing Services throughout Cheltenham and Bentleigh East

If you require urgent drainage or plumbing repairs either to your home or business across Bayside, Melbourne, we can help with fast reliable service. We specialise in emergency, residential, and commercial plumbing, making us the only company you will need.

general plumbing
Fast reliable services from experienced, expert plumbers

We offer a complete range of services, making us a complete solution to your plumbing requirements. Our emergency plumbers can deal with a variety of urgent and general repairs, including:

  • Tap washers
  • Toilet and sink blockages
  • Cistern servicing
  • Garden Taps
  • Flickmixers
  • Bathroom tapware
Waterproofing of outside walls
Water leaking through an outside wall on your property? We can help by installing correct drainage and waterproofing the walls to eliminate the issue of flooding inside.
New below ground sewer and storm water drains

If you need new below ground drainage for your next project we can design and install the perfect system for you. From standard below ground sewer drainage, pump wells and sani pumps. Whatever you need we can help you out. New developments are also in our scope of works. With services such as stormwater retention systems and pump wells.

With a large range of material available we can find something to suit everyone’s needs.

Water tanks

Do you require some storage tanks to be installed on your property? We can help you make the right decision.

With many options available for collecting stormwater. From above ground poly and concrete tanks, to below ground tanks and bladder systems.

    Replacement of existing drains due to damage, retention systems, ground water problems and Agricultural drainage
    If you’re having stormwater issues like flooding on your property we can install the correct aggregate drainage system with stormwater pits to solve the problem.