As residential plumbers in Melbourne, we often have homeowners ask the difference between sewer and stormwater drainage. 


First, to understand the difference between sewer and stormwater drainage, you need to understand sewage. 


What is sewage?

Sewage is loosely defined as any wastewater that humans have touched. For example, your household sewage is a combination of water from your dishwasher, shower, toilet, kitchen sink, washing machine or any appliance that expels water.


Residential sewer drainage systems

Your home’s sewer system is made up of all the pipes from the ‘wet’ areas of your home – bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and laundry. These pipes carry your residential wastewater away from your home to your local waste treatment plant to be treated and filtered before it is released into our waterways.


Stormwater drainage systems

Stormwater is any rain or freshwater that runs off your roof or land and picks up debris, such as soil or fertiliser. Equally, your residential stormwater drainage system is the gutters, downpipes and drains that collect and carry away stormwater. The stormwater system is separate from sewer systems with stormwater running directly into our waterways without being treated or filtered. 


Keep your sewer and stormwater drainage systems in working order

  • If you experience a blocked drain or smelly toilets, it might be time to call in an experienced plumber to have your pipes and drains checked.
  • If you see a potential leak in your home, have it checked out by a reliable plumber to make sure it is not cause flooding or other issues.
  • Keep your stormwater drains, gutters and downpipes free of debris. 


Contact a reliable residential plumber in Brighton

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