Have you cleaned your toilet repeatedly yet it still smells? Unfortunately, some plumbing problems result in your toilet smelling awful even if the exterior is clean.

Below are some of the most common causes of a smelly toilet. 

1. Cistern issues

A lot of people overlook the cistern as the origin of that nasty smell. If that unpleasant smell lingers even after you clean the toilet bowl, then it may be your cistern. Lift the lid and check. If the odour is coming from the cistern, all you need to do is drain the tank, scrub it with a brush and cleaning product, then let it fill up again. 

2. Toilet trap

Ever wonder why the pipes in your toilet bowl curve? The bend in the pipes allows water to pool, which forms a physical barrier preventing sewer gases and odours from wafting into your bathroom. Try putting some water into the toilet and see if that helps stop the smell. If it does, but the smell comes back after a flush then contact your local Brighton plumber as the toilet isn’t supplying enough water to block the pipe.

3. Vent pipes

Running from your toilet to the ceiling and typically venting via your roof, vent pipes help vent out unpleasant smells while bringing in oxygen. If you run into issues with the vent pipes, it can be nasty. Thankfully you can call us at Almac Plumbing, your reliable Hampton plumber, to fix the problem.

4. Loose toilet bolts or sealant 

Broken sealant and loose toilet bolts need to be replaced to prevent sewage gases from escaping. 

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