Nothing like a fire to warm you up during the chilly Melbourne winters! Wood heaters have been a popular choice for heating homes around Bayside, Brighton and Sandringham for years. 

Wood heater placement

Whether you heat your home with a gas log fire installation or a traditional wood fireplace, it is best to work with your local Bayside plumber to find the best location for your heater for maximum heat efficiency. Moreover, when deciding on a spot for your gas or wood fireplace, you need to consider that fireplace flues cannot be installed near doors or windows.  

Flues and chimneys

All fireplaces in Melbourne require a flue to vent externally to prevent smoke from escaping into the room. Using a professional plumber ensures your fireplace flue is installed on par with the Australian Standards and venting property. 

Wood heater installation regulations

Did you know that all wood heater installations must comply with Australian Standards? Furthermore, wood fire installation regulations in Australia note you should have a licensed plumber install your wood heater to ensure a safe fireplace installation. 

Engaging a gas or wood fireplace installer

Whether you want to update your existing fireplace, add a gas central heater, or install a new wood fireplace, you should have a licensed plumber do the work. Our top-notch workmanship, along with our emphasis on safety, makes Almac Plumbing a good choice for your Melbourne wood fireplace and gas heater installations

Gas heater service

If you choose to install a gas fire heater, Energy Safe Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority recommend it should be serviced every two years by a qualified gas fitter. Using a professionally licensed gasfitter versus doing the work yourself ensures your safety as natural gas is highly flammable. 

Keep warm this winter with a gas or wood fire installation in Melbourne

Cosy up in your warm house with your new gas heater or wood fireplace. As a fully licensed plumbing and gas fitting company in Melbourne, Almac Plumbing can take care of your wood heater or gas fire log installation from start to finish. Not to mention, we also provide gas servicing for your gas log fireplaces, gas central heaters, hydronic heating gas boilers and gas space heaters.

Contact Sandringham’s most reliable plumber and gas fitter, Almac Plumbing, to warm up your Hampton home. Call 1300 125 622 to book your gas or wood fireplace installation.