Gas, it’s something you use every day and may not even think about it.

Commonly used for cooking or heating, gas lines provide comfort for your home or income for your business. However, gas is highly flammable and dangerous if not handled properly. Since there are many ways gas can cause harm, you must hire an experienced, licensed gas fitter to service your Brighton residential or Sandringham commercial gas needs. 

What does a gas fitter do?

A qualified gas fitter performs a variety of gas fitting and gas servicing jobs. Almac Plumbing technicians are licensed gas fitting professionals covering Bayside, Sandringham, and Brighton homes and Hampton businesses gas servicing needs taking care of:

  • Kitchen cooktops and oven gas fitting
  • Gas conversions
  • Gas line replacements 
  • Gas log fire installations
  • Gas hot water services
  • Gas line upgrades
  • Gas pool heating
  • Gas leaks
  • Carbon monoxide testing

Why use a qualified gas fitter versus DIY?

Keeping your residence or commercial property safe when doing gas work is the top priority of a gas fitter, not to mention the other significant reasons why you should hire a gas fitter versus doing it yourself.

1/ Gas fitters are professionally trained to work with gas

Gas is a highly flammable, dangerous material to work with. Without a doubt, it is not surprising that professional licensed gas fitters are the only ones who are legally allowed to work on gas lines.

2/ Qualified gas fitters keep your home or business safe

Gas lines can be risky work since natural gas is highly flammable. Gas fitters are professionally licensed to work with natural gas lines connecting your Hampton home or Brighton business safely to them.

Gas fitters make sure that your residential and commercial appliances that use gas are connected correctly and in proper working order. Gas fitters also ensure your appliances are receiving the correct amount of natural gas, as an improper supply can result in the need for a gas line replacement or worse, a gas leak.

Energy safe Victoria recommends that you service your gas appliances every two years by a licensed gas fitting professional. Almac Plumbing technicians are licensed gas fitters who can check and service your gas appliances to ensure that everything is running as it should be, keeping everyone safe. In addition, carbon monoxide testing is included with every gas service at Almac Plumbing to ensure you, your family and your customer’s safety.

3/ Gas leak detection

Most importantly, qualified gas fitters are trained to deal with gas leaks. 

Firstly, if you smell gas (sulphur or rotten egg smell) leave the premises and immediately contact the Australian Gas Network on 1800 GAS LEAK (1800 427 532) to locate and repair the leak. 

Accordingly, have your residential or commercial gas lines checked if you experience: 

  • a change in the quality of the flame in your burners
  • bubbling near the gas pipes
  • a strong smell of sulphur or rotten eggs
  • patches of dead plants in the garden

If you spot anything strange near where your gas pipes are, contact your local Bayside gas fitter to be safe. 

4/ Gas fitters understand building plans

Home and building plans may seem simple; however, reading an architectural drawing to add or tap into a gas line requires precise knowledge and careful planning. Gas fitter are trained to read plans allowing them to perform gas line replacements, gas conversions, or install gas pool heating.

Contact your trusted Bayside gas fitter

Almost all gas-related work requires the help of a professional gas fitter

Whether you need a gas conversion for your new barbeque, a gas log fire installed, or a carbon monoxide and gas leak test, Almac Plumbing has you covered. 

Contact us today for all of your gas fitting and gas service needs on 1300 125 622. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the friendly, clean and reliable professionals gas fitter technicians at Almac Plumbing will have your gas lines fitter or serviced quickly and safely.

Offering unparalleled expertise, with over 15 years of experience, Almac Plumbing technicians ensures the safest, most reliable gas fitting services for Bayside, Brighton, Sandringham and Hampton homes and businesses.