You will often hear two arguments around Australia – the correct way to eat Vegemite and whether or not wood heaters pollute the environment. 

Air quality concerns

Many people in urban areas of Victoria and particularly in bigger cities like Melbourne are concerned about air quality. Several factors affect the quality of air in Melbourne – vehicle exhaust, brake-dust emissions, industrial processes, and internal heating systems. Like most heating systems for a home, wood fires produce some greenhouse gases; however, CSIRO has studied, and noted wood heating produces less greenhouse gases than other home heating options. 

Safe & sustainable heating option

In 2019, tighter restrictions on emission limits and efficiency were implemented Australia-wide for wood heaters. The new standards ensure certified wood heaters sold after August 2019 are a clean, efficient, and environmentally responsible form of heating. 

Ways to make sure wood heating is safe

If used properly, wood heaters are a more sustainable heat source than electric or natural gas heaters. To ensure your wood heating system is safe and sustainable, you should:

  • Only use a certified wood heating appliance built after August 2019
  • Use the right fuel (aged and dried wood)
  • Build a fire correctly for optimal burning and heat

Wood heater installation

To ensure the safety of your wood heating system, it should be installed by an experienced gasfitter. By installing your wood heating system safely, you will not only protect yourself and your loved ones, but you will also gain a sustainable heat source for years to come.

Check your heating system

If you wish to check if your wood heating system meets the new standards, visit the Australian Home Heating Association website for information on which wood heaters meet the new standards. Or give a professional gasfitter like Almac Plumbing a call to check your wood heating system is safely installed. 

Experienced gasfitters in Melbourne

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