Installing a pool heater in Queensland may sound ludicrous, but for us Victorians, investing in a gas pool heater makes perfect sense. With a gas pool heater, you can swim from March until September doubling your pool time.

Enjoy your pool year-round

A pool gas heater is essential for homeowners who want to swim during any season. If you invest in a quality pool heater, you should get 8 -12 years out of it if you maintain it properly. 

The right pool heater can make all the difference in extending your summer fun, whether it’s gas, solar or a heat pump. 

Types of pool heaters

There are three types of heaters: gas, electric, and solar.

  • Gas – Extremely energy efficient, gas pool heaters warm the water quickly. 
  • Electric – Once the water reaches the right temperature, it can be effective.
  • Solar – Probably the most expensive of the three options, the operating costs are low if the sun is out.

Why the location of your pool matters

If your pool is located in a sunny area, it may be comfortable to swim in the summer months. However, if your pool is in a shady spot, you may need to heat the pool even on hot summer days to take the chill off. Without a doubt, a pool heater creates a comfortable temperative to swim day or night. 

Why we recommend gas pool heaters

Reliable and cost-effective, pool gas heaters use natural gas or propane quickly and efficiently to generate heat. An ideal choice for those who want a fast pool heating solution, gas pool heaters have many advantages. Although pool gas heaters require more maintenance than other pool heating options, they are typically more affordable upfront, evening out the cost over time. 

Safe pool gas heater installations across Melbourne

As experienced gas fitters, we’ve been installing pool gas heaters across Melbourne for years. We are able to run new gas lines to your pool, upgrade your gas line or even do a gas line replacement to maximise the efficiency of your pool gas heater. Installing a gas line outside means you can also install that gas BBQ or gas patio heater you have always dreamed of too! 

Don’t delay; contact Almac Plumbing for a quote for a gas pool heater installation or any other gas-related work you may need. With over 20 years of experience, our reliable gas-fitting services agave been keeping homes in Bayside, Brighton, Sandringham and Hampton safe for years. 

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