Time to fire up the barbie, crack open a cold one and get outside to your outdoor space. But if you find our Melbourne home is sometimes too cool to be outside, why not add some gas heating? Keep your al fresco space warm year-round with gas heating.                                  

Ways gas heating will warm up your alfresco space

Gas heating can be used in many ways to heat your outdoor alfresco space including:

Gas patio heaters

A great way to keep you and your guests warm is with Gas heaters. Gas patio heaters provide tremendous heat and are considered one of the cleanest power sources. With three styles to choose from free-standing, wall-mounted or table-style, gas patio heaters keep you and your guest warm in the cool spring air. If you are unsure of which type of gas heater is right for your space an experienced gas fitter can help you decide which natural gas patio heater type is right for your outdoor space.

Outdoor gas fireplaces and fire pits

Imagine how good your outdoor space will look with a gas log fireplace or gas firepit. Ambience, convenience and envy are just three reasons to add an outdoor gas fireplace in your backyard. 

Gas pool heater

Keep the kids busy with a heated pool. Quick and efficient, a gas pool heater keeps your pool warm for hours. And as a bonus, pool gas heaters can add value to your home, not to mention you can swim in a warm pool year-round!

Gas heating options for your Melbourne home

A direct gas BBQ is another great gas appliance to add to your outdoor space. While it won’t keep you warm, it will ensure no last-minute dashes to swap LPG bottles at the servo!

Advantages of a direct gas BBQ 

Consistent temperatures, versatile heat, and easy-to-clean – gas BBQs are safer and better for the environment too. While a direct gas BBQ set-up might be initially expensive, the convenience factor of gas BBQs can’t be beaten. Just make sure you have a licensed gas fitter to connect your new gas BBQ to your natural gas supply to ensure it is connected safely. 

Safe, reliable gas fitters in Melbourne

Natural gas is a safe, environmentally friendly way to heat your home both indoors and outdoors. Adding gas heating will ensure you can extend the enjoyment of your alfresco space long after the sun has set (or before the sun has risen!). If you are curious about how you can heat your home with natural gas heaters, contact the gas fitters at Almac Plumbing. Our licensed and reliable gas fitters have over 15 years of experience installing gas heaters, gas BBQs and plumbing gas lines for pool gas heaters. Friendly, clean and reliable, the gas fitters at Almac Plumbing are the ones to call for a gas installation to keep your outdoor entertaining space cosy and warm year round.