Outdoor heaters are a great way to prevent you and your guests from feeling the chill whilst enjoying outdoor entertaining. By investing in a patio heater, you can extend your outdoor season, keeping you warm and cosy in the cool spring air.


Outdoor heater locations 

Patio heaters come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention fuel types. Depending on your outdoor area, you can choose from a variety of positions for your outdoor heaters.

  • Freestanding heaters: Typically fueled by LPG, portable heaters are ideal for small outdoor gatherings and events. You will often find these types of heaters in restaurants and Melbourne homes. The best feature of freestanding gas heaters is that they are portable. 
  • Wall-mounted heaters: Ideal for alfresco spaces, wall-mounted outdoor heaters provide consistent heat, exactly where it is needed. Another bonus is they allow for more space and are more energy-efficient than portable heaters.
  • Table style or gas fire pits: While aesthetically pleasing, table heaters and outdoor gas fire pits only warm small areas. They can often take up valuable space for drinks and food. 


Gas vs electric outdoor heaters

Gas heaters and electric heaters are the two most common fuel types for outdoor heaters. To determine the best outdoor heater for your Melbourne home or commercial business, it’s best to understand the pros and cons of each. Read on to see the difference between the two types.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters don’t require much in way of installation and are typically cheaper to purchase. Whilst electrical heaters are easy to get going, they often take a much longer time to heat up before producing a decent heat output. Another downside to electric heaters is that they can often be expensive to run. If you leave an electric outdoor heater on for long periods, you are sure to see a significant increase in your electricity bill.

Natural gas heaters

We might be partial because they use gas (#gasloversunite), but in all honesty, outdoor gas heaters provide a tremendous amount of heat. Considered the cleanest power source on the market, natural gas heaters can be cheaper to run than electric heaters when you look at their expense in the long run.


Natural gas heater installations

You can easily connect your outdoor heater to a gas connection if your home or commercial business has an existing gas supply. Alternatively, if your residence or business needs a gas connection or a gas installation, the upfront costs may be more costly than an electric heater.


Safe gas installations for your Melbourne home or business

If you have questions about natural gas heater installations in Melbourne, call the licensed gas fitters at Almac Plumbing on 1300 125 622.

Engaging qualified gas fitters to heat your outdoor space ensures your residential or commercial gas heaters are connected safely with the right amount of gas supply. Servicing the Bayside region and the Glen Eira region, Almac Plumbing’s work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.