There are several advantages to having a pool gas heater. One, you can swim all year long; two, you can use your pool for parties or gatherings; three, you will be able to keep the pool cleaner! Okay, you may not be able to afford a pool cleaner, but you won’t need one! Read on to learn why.


1/ Quick and easy

On-demand gas pool heaters start up quickly and provide the right amount of water at the right time, making them an ideal choice for Bayside and Brighton homes. 

1/ Debris-free pool water

They can be turned off when not in use, saving energy and money.  And since heated water doesn’t sit long, it is less likely to attract insects and debris! Warm, debris-free pool water? Yes, please! 

2/ Beat the chill with a gas pool heater

Undoubtedly, unless you enjoy an icy dip, you probably agree that Melbourne pools need heaters. With our four-season-in-a-day weather, a pool heater ensures you can go for a warm swim anytime, any day.


Consider maintenance

Finally, before you install a gas pool heater, you should consider the long-term maintenance expenses. All pool heaters need to be maintained, and gas pool heaters are no exception. Engaging a qualified gas fitter for regular pool gas heater maintenance is the best method to ensure efficient performance. 


Gas pool heater installations in Melbourne

With 95% energy efficiency, it is easy to understand why gas heaters are one of the most popular heating systems. 

So, if you are looking for a professional installation service, we can help. As qualified gas fitters in Melbourne, our team of experts is fully equipped to install and maintain your new pool gas heaters. So give us a call today on 1300 125 622 to book your installation.