Gas appliance installations can be complex. With many interconnecting parts and the potential danger, if installed incorrectly, a qualified gas fitter in Melbourne must be used. Without a doubt, safety should be your top priority when it comes to installing or repairing a gas appliance.

Gas appliance installations

Whether you need a new gas kitchen cooktop, gas heater, gas hot water system or any other gas-powered appliance, Almac Plumbing’s team of qualified gas fitters can do it. Additionally, as licensed plumbers, the team at Almac Plumbing adheres to all the standards the Victorian Building Authority sets out. 

Gas connection plumber

Almac’s top-quality gas fitters check to ensure everything is correctly connected and in working order. As part of our gas services we:

  • Check the gas connections in your home
  • Conduct gas line upgrades 
  • Complete carbon monoxide testing 

Gas conversions, gas line replacements & upgrades 

If you are adding gas appliances to your home or business, chances are that your current gas line will not be able to cope with the extra load. Thankfully our expert technicians can advise you on your gas conversions, gas line replacements or gas line upgrades to maximise your gas line efficiency. 

Whether you want to move your appliance or keep them in the same place, a gas conversion allows gas fitters to install your gas appliance in the same spot as your old electrical appliance. 

Gas appliance installations service in Melbourne

Energy safe Victoria recommends gas appliances are serviced every two years by a gas fitter. This helps ensure they are working properly and safely.

If your gas appliance is not working properly, contact a licensed gas fitter immediately. Regardless of the make or model, our gas service team will get you back cooking in no time flat. 

At Almac Plumbing, carbon monoxide testing is included with every gas service to ensure your safety.

Contact reliable gas fitters in Melbourne

Whether you need a gas conversion for your new BBQ, a gas log fire installed, or a carbon monoxide and gas test, Almac Plumbing has you covered. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the friendly, clean and reliable professionals at Almac Plumbing are here for all your gas-related service needs. 

Contact Almac for all of your gasfitting on 1300 125 622.