Al McLean, owner of Almac Plumbing, and barbecue aficionado explains why gas bbqs may be the solution you are looking for.

The weather is warming up which means time to fire up the barbie! If you are on the market for a new barbecue, chances are you’re tossing up between charcoal, gas bottle or direct gas BBQ connection. While both charcoal and gas produce mouth-watering food, being a gas guy myself (pun intended) I thought I would outline the advantages of using direct gas to barbecue.

The benefits of a direct gas connection barbecue are numerous:

  • Consistent temperature & evenly cooked food – with a gas barbecue, you can control the intensity of the flames with a dial therefore ensuring the temperature is consistent and food is evenly cooked.
  • Heats up faster – unlike a charcoal BBQ, you don’t have to wait around for coals to get hot. Once you fire up your natural gas barbecue, you are ready to go. Not to mention hot cooking grates for cooking-show perfect sear marks!
  • Versatile – indirect heat is possible with multiple burners (toasted roll for that burger anyone?)
  • Safer – gas barbecues are safer than their charcoal counterparts as you can simply turn the flames off when there is a risk of fire. 
  • Easy to clean – with gas barbecues there is no ash to dispose of, plus removable drip trays make grease management easier.
  • Healthier for the environment – charcoal grills emit almost double the carbon dioxide levels of gas BBQs! I enjoy the smoky flavour in my meat, but not so much in my hair or clothes.
  • Greater convenience – spontaneous BBQs come without the hassle of last-minute dashes to swap LPG bottles at the local petrol station.

Gas barbecues can be cheaper in the long-run

Setting up a direct gas bbq might initially be more expensive, however, once you have a professional gas fitter (like Almac Plumbing of course) connect it to your natural gas supply, you start saving money. 

Convenience versus LPG canister runs

The convenience factor of being able to turn on your barbecue at the flick of a switch or dial can’t be beat. No longer will you need to dash out at the last minute while you have mates at your place to swap your LPG bottle at the local petrol station. 

Let the licensed team at Almac Plumbing perform a gas conversion on your bbq from LPG to natural gas to save you time and money.

Adding a gas line to your home for a gas barbecue

If you are adding additional gas appliances to your home or business such as a bbq, chances are that the current gas line that you have will not cope nor will not supply you with enough gas either. Contact the expert gas fitters at Almac Plumbing to assess and advise you on how to deal with gas conversions, gas line replacements and gas line upgrades for that new barbie.

Hire a gas expert

Gas safety isn’t something that should be taken lightly. When dealing with gas, you need a qualified gas fitting professional that is going to take care of the job. 

Contact Almac Plumbing for reliable gas fitting and gas services for Bayside, Brighton, Sandringham or Hampton homes. Offering unparalleled expertise, based on over 15 years of experience, ensures the safest, most reliable gas fitting services possible providing assurance you and your family will be safe when we work on your gas services and once we leave.

For friendly, reliable and clean gas service for Bayside, Brighton, Sandringham or Hampton homes contact the professional gas fitters at Almac Plumbing on 1300 125 622.