Even though we have moved into spring, our Melbourne nights can still be cool. Therefore, you may wish you had a fireplace to take the chill off. As an experienced wood fireplace installer in Melbourne, there are a few things we suggest you ponder before you make that purchase. 

Fireplace purpose

Often people think about cost first when purchasing a fireplace. However, this should not be the case. Determine if you want a fireplace for warmth, aesthetic reasons or as a marketing feature to sell your home. Knowing the purpose can alter which type of fireplace you purchase.

Types of fireplaces in Melbourne

Now you understand why you want a fireplace, now it is time to focus on the type of fireplace. Do you enjoy the ambience of a burning woodfire? Hate the mess of soot and ash? Or would you prefer the instantaneous warmth of a gas log fireplace? Understanding the common types of fireplaces and their pros and cons is key to determining which one would work best for you. 

  • Freestanding fireplaces – perfect for a space that needs a statement piece or focus, freestanding wood fireplaces are an elegant yet classic addition to a space.
  • Fireplace inserts – these can be placed into an existing chimney, making them a perfect addition to a traditional or modern home. They can even be purchased with doors as well, allowing you to open them up if you prefer. 
  • Open fireplace inserts without a door – these tend to be a bit smellier and smokier as they don’t have a door, but if you enjoy the smell of wood burning, then these fireplaces are for you! 

Cost of fireplaces

Knowing which type of fireplace works for your home helps you determine which brands/models suit your home (and the cost you are willing to pay). Some homes may be best suited to a freestanding fireplace and some to a built-in fireplace. Furthermore, modern and traditional homes both look good with a gas log fireplace. Honestly, the choice is yours. For many Melbournian homeowners, it may come down to cost. Therefore, it’s important you include the price of a fireplace installation into the total cost.

Fireplace installer in Melbourne

No matter what type of fireplace you choose, safety is the number one reason to engage a professional fireplace installer. So whether you are updating an existing built-in fireplace, adding a new free-standing wood heater or installing a new gas fireplace, it is important to check with a qualified professional wood fireplace installer who specialises in gas and wood heater installations. That way, you will make sure your gas or wood fireplace installation is safe. 

Melbourne wood heater installations

Almac Plumbing is an experienced fireplace installer for Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs. Over the last few years, our licensed gas fitters have installed many fireplaces across Bayside, Brighton, and Sandringham, extending to Black Rock and Beaumaris. If you are looking for friendly, reliable and clean gas and wood fireplace installers in Melbourne, contact Almac Plumbing on 1300 125 622.