Winter is here. Time to prepare our Melbourne homes for winter’s gusty, rainy weather. With 20 years of experience as a Melbourne residential plumber, we have five tips to share to help you prepare for winter.

1/ Check your hot water system 

No one wants to have a cold shower in winter! Thankfully gas hot water heaters are reliable and long-lasting with regular attention and maintenance. However, if your gas hot water system has not been serviced in a few years, call a Melbourne residential plumber immediately. They will check it is safe to operate and service any parts that need repairs. 

2/ Get regular gas heater servicing

Aside from your hot water system, your gas heater is the other appliance you want to ensure works before winter sets in. Energysafe Victoria advises every homeowner should have their gas heater serviced every two years for safety. Gas heaters can leak carbon monoxide, an odourless, colourless gas that can make you sick and even kill you. Regular service ensures your gas heater is in proper working order keeping you and your family safe and sound. 

3/ Clear debris

Clear your stormwater drains, gutters and downpipes of leaves and debris. Make sure water flows away from your home. If you encounter any sewer or stormwater drainage system issues, engage a reliable residential plumber in Bayside.

4/ Check domestic plumbing fixtures

Once a year, check your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry taps and pipes. Don’t forget to check the outside faucets and pipes! Often exterior fixtures are left unattended and can leak slowly, causing water damage to your home.

5/ Clean vents

Before you crank up your gas heater, clean out the build-up of dust in and on your air vents. Not only will it keep your family safe, but it will also help save money on heating and cooling.

And keeping in the venting mindset – ensure any portable gas heaters in your home have proper ventilation before turning them on. 

Melbourne residential plumber for south-east suburbs

Regularly checking and maintaining your residential plumbing prevents breakdowns and keeps your water hot 24/7. Engage a domestic plumber in Bayside like Almac Plumbing to service your gas water heater or gas-boosted solar hot water system to stay warm this winter. Call 1300 125 622 to book residential plumbing services.