Solar hot water systems are an attractive option for many homeowners in Melbourne. However, some people worry about how the lack of sun may impact their heating. Enter gas boosted solar hot water systems! Get all the benefits of a solar system coupled with peace of mind that you will never be without hot water when the sun is not shining.

Now before you get fired up to add a gas booster to your solar hot water system it’s important to understand the pros and cons of adding a gas booster to your Brighton solar heating system. 

Hot water 24/7

Undoubtedly, adding a gas booster to your solar hot water system lengthens the amount of time you have hot water. The natural gas acts as a supplemental water heater making sure that hot water comes out day or night. So even if there is no sun (hello Melbourne winter), you will always have hot water with a gas boosted solar hot water system.

Save money

According to Canstar, approximately 25 percent of the average Australian household’s energy usage comes from heating water! Thankfully there are options like solar heaters that start saving you money immediately after an installation. In fact, solar heating systems can pay for themselves within approximately six years in Melbourne! So while the upfront cost of a solar hot water system can be hefty, eventually it will pay for itself, making the investment worthwhile. 

Environmentally friendly

Solar power provides renewable, clean energy. And even though a gas booster burns fossil fuels; natural gas is one of the cleanest fuels available on the market. Making a solar hot water system with a gas booster an environmentally friendly option for those who are eco-conscious. 

Gasfitters for gas boosted solar hot water system

Now that you know more about the pros and cons of solar heating systems and gas boosters you can make an informed choice for your home. So if you want to add a gas booster to your solar hot water system the team at Almac Plumbing can help. Our experienced gas fitters in Melbourne’s southeast are familiar with gas booster installations and gas heat pump installations making them the best choice for your gas fitting needs. 

Contact the experienced gasfitters at Almac Plumbing on 1300 125 622 for information about gas continuous solar hot water systems for Brighton, Bayside, Sandringham and Hampton homes and businesses.