Having hot water is a must on those chilly Melbourne days. 

Hot water is a luxury we often take for granted. Rarely do we think about our hot water until we need a new hot water system installation or hot water heater repair. 

Signs you need to replace your hot water system

Being confronted with a freezing cold shower that doesn’t warm-up is not the way many of us want to start our day. If this happens to you, it is a sign your hot water system is struggling and may need repair.

1/ No hot water

Running out of hot water or jumping into a cold shower can ruin your day. If you notice fluctuations in the temperature of your water, have your system checked. 

You may need a larger hot water tank, the gas connection to your hot water tank fixed, or a faulty thermostat replaced. Whatever the issue is with your faulty hot water heater, it is essential to have a professional residential plumber in Melbourne identify the problem and fix it promptly. 

2/ Water leaks

If a small swimming pool is forming around your hot water tank, it may be time to call a domestic plumber. Whether a faulty pressure or temperature relief valve (PTRV), loose fittings or simply a worn-out hot water tank that needs to be replaced, call one of Melbourne’s best plumbers to assess the water leak.  

3/ Low water pressure

When you turn on your hot water tap, does it trickle out? Typically this means there is an issue with your hot water heater. Your system may be clogged or blocked, or the hot water heater may have sprung a leak. Luckily a quick call to an experienced residential plumber in Sandringham can fix the problem. 

4/ Unusual noises

Gurgling, banging or high-pitched whining are noises that should come from a baby, not your hot water system. 

Have a plumber in Brighton service your hot water system installation so it is running correctly. 

5/ Rusty water

Hot water systems are typically metal and, simply put, metal rusts. No matter the type of system you have: hydronic heating gas boilers, electric water heater, solar water heater or a heat pump, if you see rust, you may need a hot water system replacement. 

Residential plumbers for water heater problems 

If you are experiencing any hot water heater issues, contact the licensed plumbers at Almac Plumbing on 1300 125 622 to have your issues fixed. 

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