Sometimes we see four seasons in a day in Melbourne. While we fare better than our friends on the northern side of the world, winter can be cold in Melbourne, and there is nothing better than a hot shower to warm up. Now imagine warming up in a nice hot shower, and suddenly the water turns cold! Yikes! Time to call your reliable local Bayside plumber.

When temperatures drop, the number of hot water issue calls increase, so be prepared and watch out for these hot water issues ahead of time. 

Water leaks

Leaks are typically the most common water issue homeowners encounter. Hot water systems are complex; therefore, there can be many reasons for water leaks. Faulty pressure relief valves, tank damage, or a damaged drain value are just a few potential hot water issues that can pop up. If you notice your water heater playing up or increasing water costs, have a licenced plumber inspect your hot water tank. 

Low water pressure 

Low water pressure could be a sign that your hot water tank has sediment or mineral build-up. It is important to note that some debris in your hot water tank is common; however, if too much debris gathers at the bottom of your tank, you may experience low water pressure or lukewarm water.  A local Hampton plumber can flush out your system speeding up the flow of water.

Bubbling or unusual noises

Without a doubt, if you hear or see bubbling, you need to call one of the best plumbers in Melbourne as this is a serious problem. Bubbling can mean the water heater is overheating or the pressure is reaching dangerous levels. 

Unusual sounds can also be a problem, so if you hear (or see) anything out of the ordinary with your water heater, have an experienced Brighton plumber check it out.

Stay warm this winter with one of the best plumbers in Melbourne

With more than 20 years of experience helping residents all over Bayside, Brighton, Hampton, and Sandringham, our team of friendly, reliable plumbers can take care of your hot water problems or any domestic plumbing issues that arise. Experienced in all types of hot water systems, Almac Plumbing are your go-to experts for water heaters.

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