According to the Australian Home Heating Association, about 900,000 Victorian homeowners have switched to wood heating and not looked back! Wood heaters are a cost-effective, sustainable and elegant way to heat your home. 

Factors to consider before purchasing a wood heater

While the design or look is a significant factor in any wood heating decision, it is essential to consider several other factors before buying a wood fireplace system.

1/ Measure the space you want to heat

Measure the size and the height of the ceilings in the rooms you want to heat. Obtain the correct sized unit for your home. Wood heating units that are too small can result in over-firing. Over-firing shortens the heater’s lifespan. On the flip side, if your heater is too large, it may be inefficient as it often has to be turned down. 

2/ Check you have adequate ventilation 

Models and types of wood fireplaces vary significantly. Before you purchase a wood fireplace heater, ensure you have proper ventilation for it or can install adequate ventilation for it. 

3/ Check your home’s insulation

A well-insulated home retains the heat, whereas a poorly insulated home can lose heat through walls, ceilings and windows. Choosing the most effective type of wood fireplace system will maximise your home’s warmth. 

4/ Choose the right type of wood heater for your Melbourne home

There are two main types of wood heaters – radiant and convection. Wood heaters in Melbourne can be free-standing, inbuilt or insert depending on location in your home you want to place the wood heater. It is important to note; inbuilt wood heaters should be added to a heat-sensitive area of a structure. Whereas insert heaters are designed for installations in masonry fireplaces. Typically insert wood heaters are for open brick fireplace conversions. 

5/ Confirm the wood heater is certified

Finally, wood heaters must comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4012 & 4013, which confirms your wood heater system is designed for Australian homes and the use of Australian-sourced firewood. 

Safe wood heater installations

You have chosen the right wood heater for your home – now what? Time to have it installed. To comply with Australian Standards, you should have a licensed gas fitter install your wood fireplace system to ensure it adheres to all the safety standards. 

Professional gas heater installations

Engage Melbourne’s professional gas fitting company, Almac Plumbing, to modernise your existing fireplace with a gas fireplace insert or install a new freestanding wood heater. Our top-notch workmanship, along with our emphasis on safety, makes Almac Plumbing an excellent choice for your wood fireplace and gas heater installations in Melbourne. Not to mention, we also provide gas servicing for gas log fireplaces, central gas heaters, hydronic heating gas boilers and gas space heaters.

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