We don’t often think about our plumbing in Melbourne until something blocks, bursts, or the hot water stops. Rather than fork out heaps of money for an emergency plumbing issue, budget for regular plumbing maintenance to avoid costly emergency repairs.


Plumber maintenance for Melbourne homes

As a residential plumber in Bayside, there are three areas of your home we suggest regular plumbing maintenance for:


The plumbing in your home can be temperamental. Pipes can leak, sweat, freeze, or make loud noises. While there are many DIY home solutions to fixing pipes on the internet we suggest calling your local residential plumber to have the pipe inspected. Often a leaky or sweaty pipe can be a sign of a larger plumbing issue. 

And whilst some plumbing noises are easily fixed (#ducttape), a noise when your pipes turn on or off can also be a sign of a plumbing issue. Be safe and contact a domestic plumber to look at your pipes as part of a regular plumber maintenance plan.

Hot water systems

Hot water systems tend to run smoothly until they don’t. You will know when your hot water system stops working suddenly as you will only have cold water no matter which tap you turn on in your Brighton home. Since hot water systems are crucial to your and your family’s comfort, reduce the chances of repairing an expensive hot water system with regular maintenance. Select a date each month to visually inspect your hot water tank. Look for cracks, worn-out areas, or any water leakage. If you see anything unusual, contact a domestic plumber straight away. 

And have your local residential plumber in Sandringham inspect and service your hot water system once per year. Save yourself the shock of cold water and costly repairs with regular hot water system maintenance. 

Sewer lines 

If getting showered in cold water is shocking, a sewer line backup is downright nasty. 

If your sewer line clogs, you will know immediately. Water will come out of all of your drains and smell something awful. If this occurs, call your local Bayside plumber immediately for a sewer drainage service. 

Sewer line maintenance 

Take preventive measures and schedule an annual sewer drainage cleaning in the future. A yearly inspection of your sewer lines will ensure your wastewater is flowing where it needs to go and that the pipes are in working order. 

It’s important to note that if you have a garden or trees near your sewer lines, have them checked regularly by an experienced plumber. Often roots can be the cause of broken sewer pipes. 


Plumbing system maintenance in Melbourne

If you find yourself dealing with a residential plumbing issue, call the licensed plumbers at Almac Plumbing. We’ve been providing residential and commercial plumbing services and plumber maintenance in Bayside, Sandringham, and Hampton for over 20 years. Have peace of mind knowing that we know what we are doing and can fix your plumbing issue quickly and safely. 

And if you want to prevent costly repairs and replacements by having routine maintenance done on your pipes before they become an issue, contact us today. No job is too big or small for our experienced team; so please don’t hesitate to call 1300 125 622.