Cooking with gas can be convenient, cleaner, and not to mention impressive (cooking-show perfect sear marks anyone?). But, when you fire up the gas barbie, and it doesn’t light, it can put a real damper on your night.

Often we get contacted for gas repairs in Melbourne so we thought why not troubleshoot some of the problems we see. Here’s a list of common reasons why your gas appliance won’t start. 


Closed gas line

Like the adage – “have you turned it on and off?”, check to make sure your gas line isn’t closed. The lever or knob should be perpendicular (right angle) from the gas pipe for it to close. Remember, if the lever is in line with the pipe it is open. If it isn’t it’s closed.


Gas burner caps

If you have checked your gas line is open yet that spark is not happening, don’t throw in the towel yet. Try lining up the gas burner caps in the correct position. (Remember it’s essential to turn off the gas first before you line up the gas burner caps). Rotate the gas burner caps and attempt to fire up your gas BBQ or cooktop again. 


Gas won’t light

If the gas is flowing freely, the burner caps are lined up, but your gas appliance still won’t light…

It’s time to look at the igniter system. The two common types of gas appliance igniters are pilot light or electrodes. 


Pilot light problems

A pilot light is a tiny flame inside the gas appliance underneath the cooktop used to light gas burners.

If the pilot light goes out, your burner will not light. You can call a licensed gas fitter to relight your pilot light. Otherwise, your other option is to read the instruction manual and do it yourself.


Electric gas lighter issues

Another reason why your gas stove will not light could be because your electrodes are loose.

Gas cooktops with electrodes use an electric spark to ignite the gas burner.

If the electrodes look out of place or loose, try turning off the gas, lining them up, and attempt to relight the burner. If the burner still refuses to ignite, contact a licensed gas fitter to service your gas cooktop or barbeque. 


Gas repairs and maintenance for Melbourne

Hopefully, after a simple tweak, your gas cooktop ignites, and you can cook up a storm. If your gas BBQ or cooktop refuses to light despite your best attempts, it may be time to contact a reliable gas fitter like us, Almac Plumbing, for a repair.  

Servicing Sandringham, Brighton, Bayside, and Hampton, Almac Plumbing is 100% mobile and will travel for your gas repair or gas appliance service needs. 


Important Safety Note

If you smell an unusual odour or suspect a gas leak it’s important to immediately evacuate the premises and call the  Australian Gas Network on 1800 GAS LEAK (1800 427 532).