Gas is a relatively safe, cheap, and convenient source of energy for our Melbourne homes. However, if your gas is installed improperly or not maintained, gas leaks can occur, which is a severe safety, not to mention health, issue! 

If you suspect a gas leak take action immediately Leave the premises and contact the Australian Gas Network on 1800 GAS LEAK (1800 427 532), They can locate and repair the gas leak in the case of an emergency. 

Detecting gas leaks in Melbourne

Gas is highly flammable and dangerous to work with, which is why only professional licensed gas fitters are legally allowed to work on Victorian gas lines. Have your residential or commercial gas lines checked for gas leaks if you experience:

  • Smell if you smell something similar to rotten eggs, you may have a gas leak. 
  • Sound – whistling or hissing sounds can spell a gas leak.
  • Feeling unwell – a gas leak can cause-headaches, nausea, dizziness, breathing issues, eye or throat irritation, and if you feel unwell when you use your gas appliance, have it checked by a licensed gas fitter to make sure it is not leaking gas.
  • Strange stovetop colour – your stovetop flame should be blue. If it is orange or red, you could have a gas leak.
  • Increase in your gas bills – slow gas leaks are usually detectable by a steep increase in your gas bills. If you haven’t increased your typically gas usage but have a higher than the average gas bill that month, we suggest you have a Sandringham gas fitter investigate. 
  • Dead plants – alas we are no green thumbs at Almac Plumbing so we understand that dead plants occur, however, if one of your plants or a small patch of your grass starts dying out of the blue you should contact a Hampton gas fitter to check your gas lines as you may have a gas leak.

What should you do if you detect a suspected gas leak?

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and need to be dealt with immediately. Turn off any gas appliances, open the windows and doors, and evacuate the premises to a safe location a distance away from the suspected gas leak in your Bayside home. Contact a local licensed gas plumber in Bayside who will investigate and fix your suspected gas leak. 

Keep your family safe from gas leaks and contact the reliable and experienced gas fitters in Brighton on 1300 125 622

Victoria’s gas distributors 

There are three gas distributors in Victoria, each responsible for a specific geographic region of Victoria. If you have questions about your gas services, contact them for more information.

  • Multinet Gas covers areas of inner and outer east Melbourne, the Yarra Ranges and South Gippsland. Call 132 691 for emergencies.
  • Australian Gas Networks covers north and south-eastern Melbourne and northern and eastern Victoria. Call 1800 427 532 for emergencies.
  • AusNet Services covers central and western Victoria. Call 136 707 for emergencies.

Seek experienced gas fitting services 

Offering unparalleled expertise, with over 20 years of experience, Almac Plumbing technicians ensure the safest, most reliable gas fitting services for Bayside, Brighton, Sandringham and Hampton businesses and residences.

Contact Almac Plumbing for all of your gas fitting and gas service needs on 1300 125 622. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the friendly, clean and reliable professionals gas fitter technicians at Almac Plumbing will have your gas lines fitter or serviced quickly and safely.