You have a fireplace and love it, but don’t love the mess? Or maybe that old wood-burning fireplace is letting in more cold air than you like? Think about converting your wood-burning fireplace to a gas log fireplace or gas insert. 

Benefits of retrofitting your fireplace

Without a doubt, gas log fireplaces are a combination of beauty, practicality and energy efficiency. They add warmth, ambience and value to any room. 

Whether you choose a gas insert or gas log fireplace, a gas fire burns cleaner and provides instantaneous heat. No more chopping or storing wood, tending to the fire or cleaning up ash. With the flick of a switch or press of a button, you’ll feel the warmth.

Gas insert versus gas log fireplace

Both a gas insert and a gas log fireplace are excellent choices to heat your home. Each type has its pros and cons.

  • Traditional (vented) gas inserts can be designed to fit inside an existing fireplace. However, your chimney must be lined with stainless steel for a gas insert to work.
  • Direct vent gas inserts are similar in looks to traditional gas insert fireplaces but have a completely sealed firebox and a co-linear venting system.
  • Ventless gas log fireplaces can work with or without a chimney and/or venting system. Vent-free gas inserts can be standalone fireplaces or fit into an existing fireplace spot allowing all the heat produced to stay inside your home.
  • Vented gas log fireplaces offer a similar look to a wood-burning fireplace but lack heating efficiency as the chimney damper must remain open at all times. The open damper means most of the heat the vented gas log fireplace produces is lost.

Cost of converting a wood-burning fireplace

The cost to convert your wood-burning fireplace depends on which gas fireplace you choose and the type of venting required. When pricing out a new gas fireplace, you will also want to include the labour costs and any electrical or plastering work that may be needed. 

Gasfitters in Melbourne who retrofit gas fireplaces

The first step in retrofitting your fireplace is to contact your local gasfitter in Melbourne to discuss which gas fireplace is right for your home. Your local gasfitter will be able to advise you on what needs to be done and the potential costs associated with your decision. 

Contact Almac Plumbing, a local gas fitter in Bayside, to discuss upgrading your wood-burning fireplace.