It’s a simple bathroom renovation you tell yourself, I don’t need a residential plumber, or do I? To keep your bathroom renovation simple and on track you do.

Why do you need a plumber for your bathroom renovation?

There are many reasons why you should hire a Bayside residential plumber for your bathroom renovation.

1/ Plumbing lines affect your bathroom layout

Knowing the layout of your bathroom pipes can help keep your renovation goals realistic. You may want to move your bathtub under the window or put your toilet in a separate room. But, if your current pipe layout doesn’t support your changes, your small bathroom renovation may become expensive! Experienced plumbers in Brighton can recommend a bathroom design that works with your current pipe layout. Conversely, a plumber can suggest a new pipe layout that may work better for your bathroom renovation. No matter what you choose, with the right plumbing design, your bathroom will have function and style.


2/ Improve the efficiency of your bathroom

Bathroom renovations are intricate and complex. They are often smaller spaces and require a well-laid pipe design, many tie-ups, and proper drainage to function optimally.

From water-wise fixtures to adequate drainage, the best plumbers in Melbourne will improve your bathroom.


3/ Proper plumbing tools

Engaging the services of a Bayside domestic plumber means they have the right equipment to get the job done. Don’t break your reno budget by buying expensive plumbing tools. Hire a residential plumber who already has the tools and know-how to use them.


4/ Licensed plumbers know Victorian code

Licensed plumbers are registered with the Victorian Building Authority to perform plumbing. This means they know the permits needed to ensure your bathroom renovation is up to code. Be safe by hiring a licensed domestic plumber in Melbourne.


Hiring a Melbourne plumber for your bathroom renovation

A bathroom reno can be expensive. However, cutting corners to save money on plumbing is not a great idea. Save the DIY fixes for painting, plastering and tiling.

Fully licensed with over 20 years of experience, the domestic plumbers at Almac Plumbing specialise in home renovation plumbing. Contact us to assess and plumb the optimal bathroom design for your Melbourne home.