With many of us heading off on summer holidays and leaving our house behind (obviously) there are a couple of simple things (like turn off the water) you can do to ensure that you return to a home in perfect working order with no issues while you are away.

1/ Shut off the water source

It doesn’t take much to shut off your water at the main value and drain your pipes. This helps eliminate the potential of burst pipes while you are away. No one wants to deal with flooding and damaged pipes. Not only is it costly, but it can make you forget all those positive memories you built while you were away.

2/ Clean out your fridge

There’s nothing worse than coming home and asking, “What’s that smell?” Throw out or give away your perishable food, make sure all open containers are shut and the tops to all your jars are screwed on tightly, check that all the food is also sealed in your pantry so ants and other vermin (hello cockroaches) don’t feast your leftover food.

3/ Put your mail on hold

If you are leaving for an extended holiday best to contact Aus Post and have a hold placed on your mail, or have a neighbour collect any packages that may arrive.

4/  Take out the rubbish

Seems like a no-brainer, but always good to do this last so everything is out of the bins.

5/ Cut your grass 

A little trick we always do at Almac Plumbing when we leave on holidays is cut the grass the day before we leave then water it right afterwards so it is hydrated and looks fresh like someone is home.

6/ Use light timers

Make your house or apartment look occupied by setting various lights on timers to go on and off at different times (do not set them all for the same time). This is a cheap way to deter burglars and prowlers.

7/ Arrange a neighbour or friend to check your home

While it might not be necessary to have someone house-sit for you, it can be good to give a close friend, family member or neighbour the key so they can pop in and check your home if you are away for an extended period of time. Plus this helps to ensure your plumbing has not leaked while you were away!

If on the off chance you arrive home and your home has flooded since you forgot to turn off the water main connection contact Almac Plumbing in Bayside. We will take care of the drainage and fix the leak for your Brighton or Sandringham home. 

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