So you are looking at a fireplace conversion in your house.

You used to have open fires in it a while ago but now you’re not even sure if its safe.

So what can you do about it?

Below are some great options for brick fireplace conversions in your old brick fireplace so you can use it again and not have it as an ornamental fireplace.

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Keeping it as a wood fire

If you love the idea and earthiness of a wood fire, you can continue to have it as a wood fire with the following options:

  • Open fire inserts come in a variety of sizes and can be retro fitted into an existing brick cavity. Coupled with an independent flue and wood fire cowl it will help your fireplace draw more smoke out of the fireplace and keep your house cleaner.
  • Wood fire inserts with a door come in a variety of sizes to suit different fireplace conversions and also have an independent flue. These units also have an outer fascia that bolts to the unit covering any messy brick edges. With well insulated boxes they produce quite a lot of heat with most units incorporating a fan inside to spread the heat into the room.
  • Gas log fire inserts are all very similar in design with an insert fitting inside the chimney and either flexible flues or solid flues going through the existing chimney space. These units will however need extra work requiring a new gas line and power outlet to be ran into the fireplace cavity. They also have an outer fascia to cover the edges of the brickwork. The advantage to having these is not needing to chop firewood or start a fire every time, You just need to press start on the remote. They unfortunately don’t produce as much heat.
  • Gas log insert trays are more of a decorative feature if you don’t require any extra heat. They are simply a compact tray that integrates a gas burner with fake logs of coals that sit on. the burner. They are perfect for the house that is after a little bit of ambience. These units also require a gas line to be ran to them.


Cost of fireplace conversion

The costs involved in converting your fireplace with depend on which style you go for. The wood option will always be a cheaper option as it doesn’t require a new gas line or an electrician to install power to the cavity.

Wood fireplace conversions Melbourne

The best option for installation is to contact your local wood fire installer or gas log fire installer in Melbourne. Your local wood fire installer in Bayside will help you work out which option is best for you going forward. If its a gas log fire installer that you need they will also be able to help with the space you are working with.

Contact Almac Plumbing, a local gas fitter in Bayside, to discuss upgrading your wood-burning fireplace.