Want to save some money? Look around your home! Your home presents plenty of opportunities money saving plumbing choices! There are many typical ways homeowners try to save money: replacing old lightbulbs with LED ones, switching off appliances at the wall when they are not being used or washing clothes in cold water—all good choices to save some change, conversely, there is another way to save money in your home—plumbing! 

Not many homeowners are aware that their choice of plumbing fixtures, ignoring minor leaks or not having regular plumbing maintenance can cause them a considerable amount of money. Therefore, as your friendly plumber in Bayside, we are here to offer some tips on saving money with your plumbing.

1/ Take care of leaks immediately

Typically most people put off plumbing leak repairs. They only call in a plumber to replace broken pipes or leaky taps and showerheads when their water bill becomes unmanageable, or if there’s a sense of real urgency or danger present (like gas leaks).

It’s important to realise, repairing leaks immediately saves you money. Accordingly, you avoid water wastage, and you may also avoid the higher cost of significant damage which results in pipe replacements or repiping.

2/ Regular plumbing maintenance

Every home is filled with pipes, drains and appliances that require plumbing and gas to function. Plumbing problems and emergencies can be expensive to repair, so getting on top of small issues can save you money down the track.

Checking pipes for possible blockages or cracks, walls for the start of water damage and your mains valve for any damage or excessive usage can ensure you spot any potential problems and arrange a professional plumber to fix now before the issues become more significant and more expensive, not to mention inconvenient!

In addition, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers are plumbed appliances that you should have checked by an expert plumber regularly. When these appliances are not properly maintained, their functionality gets compromised using up more energy and water, as well as becoming potential safety hazards.

Almac Plumbing can provide regular, friendly and reliable, plumbing and gas maintenance services so your pipes and appliances stay in tip-top shape.

3/ Replace your toilet

One of the most used fixtures in your home, the toilet, does not have a set lifespan, but with all the use it gets, and lack of efficiency if it is old, it may be driving up your water bill cost. Regardless of your toilet working correctly or not, if you have had the same one for decades, you should consider replacing it. Newer toilets on the market use significantly less water and the shape of some even allow fewer odours to escape not to mention the comfort and cleanliness that comes with a new toilet.

While installing a new toilet may seem relatively simple, hiring a professional and licensed plumber like Almac Plumbing to complete toilet install ensures your toilet replacement will be up to code and may reduce the risk of constant repairs in the future.

4/ Install smart plumbing fixtures 

Consider having smart plumbing fixtures installed to save water (and money).

Whether it is shower heads that do not release as much water as regular ones or kitchen taps with sensors—there are many options for water-saving plumbing fixtures. If you have questions about which smart plumbing fixtures would be right for your home contact the experts at Almac Plumbing for guidance.

5/ Be water-wise

Sounds simple, but it can also help to lower your utility bills. Decrease your shower time, wash dishes by hand (or only turn on the dishwasher when it is fully loaded), turn off the water when brushing your teeth, or install a water tank and use rainwater for your garden. Small changes can make a big difference.

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