6 Helpful things that you can do for your plumber, and ultimately save you some cash.

Let’s be honest, not all of us are very hands-on kind of people, the thought of something being majorly wrong in your house worries you. Even the thought of trying to explain it, especially if you have no idea what the problem is, or is even related to. “I don’t know what’s wrong! Theres water leaking from somewhere!” Thats ok though, because there are professionals here to help you with these things. We’ll come over to your house, set your mind at ease and generally sort the problem out in a nice and timely manner, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. Although there are those times when things don’t go so smoothly, or it’s the plumber’s last late job for the day and the person isn’t home or things just generally don’t go to plan. The plumber works on an hourly rate and the longer it takes him, the more you have to pay. So Here are some great ways of helping your plumber out to make his day go a little easier and to avoid these little dramas.

1. Info, Info and more Info!

You may not know exactly what is wrong with your plumbing but there are some easy ways to help. Give us as much information as you possibly can, What colour is the pipe? Is it a copper pipe? Is the drain blockage anywhere else? How long has the problem been going on for? The more information the better, it can help us be more prepared and possibly not have to make a trip to the plumbing supplies.

2. Photos.

A picture is worth a thousand words so they say. This goes hand in hand with giving more information. Everyone has access to a camera on their phone these days. If we can see what the problem is, or even what the material is, we can arrive at your place much more prepared and i guarantee you that the job will go extra smooth. Text your plumber a photo of what is happening, for example: the inside of a toilet cistern or tank. We have generally and probably seen your brand of cistern a hundred times. More importantly it can help us give you a better idea of cost too!

3. Clear away any obstacles and help clean up afterwards.

If your issue lies somewhere in your back yard or under the sink, help out your plumber by clearing away any kids toys, bikes or for under the sink the detergents and sponges. This will cut down on a heap of time the the plumber will spend at your place and in turn making the invoice a lot cheaper. Helping the Plumber to clean up any little bits of mess also helps cut down on time spent also reducing the size of the invoice and  allowing the plumber to move on to save the next plumbing emergency.

4. Communication.

Communication is so important. Make yourself available to speak with your plumber, ask him as many questions as you need to before he starts work. Talk about what your expectations and the result that you’re hoping to achieve. This will help you to have more understanding about what your plumber can deliver, for what cost and a good time frame Be realistic and stay within your budget. Remember that almost anything can be done, it’s just a matter of how much you’re willing to spend because things take time.


5. Make your plumber a cup of coffee or tea.

This one is coming straight out of a plumbers mouth. It may or may not save you some money but believe me it’s wonderful when you show up to a persons house and they say “can i get you a cup of tea?” These customers really stand out in my mind, even if your plumber says no thank you it will  show them that you appreciate their hard work, Trust me, this one matters!shutterstock_262907801

6. Whatever you do, don’t delay payment.

If you have received outstanding service at your place, like the plumber showing up on time, fixing the problem at a reasonable cost and everything went perfectly, then please for your sake pay your plumber on time. We remember the really good customers, but trusty me we really do remember the bad ones. If a payment is received on time or even early, when mrs jones calls us again, we answer the phone and are there ready to help immediately. If someone is somewhat late or extremely late in paying, the next time this customer would like some work done, I guarantee you the phone will not get answered straight away, if at all.

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