If John Travolta is the first thing that comes to mind when we say grease lucky you. However, if you run a commercial business in Melbourne, you know that grease isn’t just an iconic old movie.

Running a Melbourne restaurant means lots of waste – food, oils, detergents and grease. As a commercial food business, it is your responsibility under Victorian law to have a Trade Waste Agreement and install proper trade waste management systems. 

Trade waste

Any liquid waste from commercial businesses that contain chemicals, grease, oils, fats and other solid particles is considered trade waste.

Operating a food-related business, whether a restaurant, cafe or bakery, means you need to have proper trade waste equipment installed and serviced by a professional plumber. 

The reliable and licenced plumbers at Almac Plumbing can help with your commercial food business waste management systems, including: 

  • sewer drainage
  • waste equipment installations
  • cleaning grease interceptors
  • trade waste drainage installs and repairs

Grease interceptors

Commercial kitchens are notorious trade waste producers. Food is washed off dishes, lots of detergents and soap is used to clean dishes and appliances, not to mention the oils used to cook. This trade waste accumulates and hardens over time if not correctly disposed of, potentially causing blockages and damaged pipes.

Installing a grease trap and other waste equipment will separate fats, water and food solids to reduce the trade waste that is let into our sewer system and the environment. 

It is important to note that you must have a professional plumber construct and install your grease trap. In addition, you should ensure your plumber gets an EPA-licensed liquid waste collector to pump out and clean your grease trap at specific times throughout the year as specified in your Trade Waste Agreement. 

Grease interceptor installations and service for Melbourne

Almac Plumbing is qualified to install, service, and repair grease traps and grease interceptors, not to mention other trade waste management systems for Melbourne’s commercial food businesses. 

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