Whilst the days in Melbourne are getting warmer, the nights can still be cool. And, let’s be honest, living in Melbourne means we need to be ready for four seasons in a day no matter the time of year!

As local gasfitters in Melbourne, we highly recommend looking into installing gas heaters to warm up your outdoor spaces or pool year-round round. 


Portable patio gas heaters

Undeniably, gas heaters are ideal for an open patio space. They are portable, easy to use, and typically run on LPG. And, no need to refill if you connect it directly to your gas line. However, one downside is that they can be pretty heavy and hard to maneuver if you move them. 


Wall-mounted gas heater

An excellent option to heat your pool area or alfresco is a wall-mounted heater. Typically, fueled by natural gas, wall-mounted heaters are a great way to save space whilst keeping the area toasty. Plus, with the flick of a switch, you get instant heat! Additionally,  wall-mounted gas heaters have low emissions and are often cost-effective choices for outdoor heating spaces.


Gas tube radiant heaters

An excellent choice for a large outdoor space, radiant gas tube heaters works well in spaces with high rooflines. Perfect choice for restaurants, a gas tube heater produces radiant heat warming your customers, not the air (that eventually blows away). With rapid heat, zone control options and minimal ventilation needs compared to other gas heaters, gas tube radiant heaters could be the right choice for your business. 


Gas pool heaters

Ideal for anyone who spontaneously uses their pool or spa, gas pool heaters are a fast and effective way to heat water quickly. Commonly used for pools and spas, gas heaters are available in LPG and natural gas options. No matter which type you choose, you must have a licensed gas fitter install your gas heater to be safe. 


Gas heater installations in Melbourne

Our professional gas heater installers in Melbourne can install gas heaters for various outdoor spaces, including pools and spas. Whether an alfresco, outdoor kitchen or pool area, Almac Plumbing are one of Melbourne’s go-to professional gas installers

As experienced gasfitters local to Brighton and Sandringham, we know that finding an expert gas fitter is key to the safe installation of your new gas appliance or that new gas pool heater. It’s important to remember, natural gas is highly flammable and dangerous if not handled properly by a licensed gas fitter.

So contact Bayside’s professional gas fitters, Almac Plumbing, at info@almacplumbing.com.au to book all your gas installations. We service Brighton, Sandringham, Hampton, and Bayside.