As a plumbing business owner specialising in wood fireplace installations, I understand the importance of not only having a beautiful fireplace but also ensuring you have the right firewood to make those winter nights warm and memorable. In this post, we’ll explore the best types to use and the most effective ways to store them, so you can enjoy a crackling fire in your fireplace all season long.

Choosing the Right Firewood | What are the best types?

The type of firewood you choose can significantly impact your fireplace experience. Here are some popular choices: In Victoria, the general choice would be River red gum or for a longer, slower burn, yellow box.


Don’t rely only on softwoods

Try not to fill your wood heater with softwoods as they may burn better and quicker, however, little heat is transmitted from these.

Storing Firewood | What is the most effective way to store it?

The Main Advice: Keep Your Wood Dry and Ready for burning

The key to an efficient and warm fireplace is to ensure your firewood remains dry and ready for burning. To do so, follow these tips:

Keep It elevated to prevent moisture:

Store your firewood off the ground to prevent moisture absorption. A raised platform or pallets work well to keep it dry and prevent rotting.

Organise It neatly to enable air circulation

Stack your firewood in a single row or in a crisscross pattern to allow air circulation and faster drying.

Cover It to protect from rain and snow

Protect your firewood from rain and snow with a waterproof tarp or firewood cover. This will ensure it remains dry and ready to burn.

Leave space between stacked logs to promote adequate ventilation and prevent mould

Ensure there’s space between stacked logs to promote air circulation and drying. Storing it in a dry and well-ventilated area can prevent mould growth and maintain its quality.

Location Matters: Store firewood in a convenient and dry location

Store firewood in a convenient, dry, and well-ventilated location, such as a woodshed or covered porch.

Rotate Stock: Always burn the oldest wood in your stack

Use the “first in, first out” method to ensure you’re always burning the oldest, driest wood in your stack.

Maintaining Your Fireplace | How can you maximize your fireplace’s efficiency and ensure safety?

Clean the Chimney

Schedule regular chimney cleanings to remove creosote buildup, reducing the risk of chimney fires.

Use a Fireplace Screen

Install a screen to prevent sparks from escaping and protect your home from potential fire hazards.

Have Regular Inspections

Schedule annual inspections by a professional to ensure your fireplace and chimney are in top condition.


By selecting the right firewood and storing it properly, you can enjoy cozy, warm fires all winter long. Remember to prioritise safety by maintaining your fireplace and chimney, making your home the perfect haven during the colder months. If you have any questions or need assistance with your fireplace or plumbing needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – your trusted plumbing and wood fireplace installation experts. Stay warm and enjoy the comfort of a crackling fire!