An essential aspect of running a restaurant or cafe is maintaining a working plumbing system. Therefore, hiring a reliable commercial plumber in Melbourne is critical to the success of your business.  

Installations and plumbing repairs in Bayside

Unless you are lucky enough to purchase an existing cafe or restaurant, you may need to install some extra taps or sinks, add an ice machine or dishwasher or upgrade your bathroom plumbing to account for your density requirements. Whether you need to re-route your water lines, add fixtures or install drains; a Bayside commercial plumber has the skills to upgrade your commercial plumbing. 

Grease traps

Any facility in the food industry requires specific drains to filter grease and oil. Keep your restaurant up-to-code with properly installed (and maintained!) grease traps

Gas appliance repairs and service

Commercial kitchens don’t just need water. Gas is an important component of a successful cafe or restaurant business. Luckily, the team at Almac Plumbing does gas fitting installations in addition to commercial plumbing. And it’s important to note new gas lines, connecting gas appliances or repairing your commercial gas oven should all be completed by a licensed gas fitter. 

Plumbing maintenance

Without a doubt, plumbing and gas issues limit your restaurant or cafe’s ability to function. Thankfully regular gas and plumbing maintenance helps ensure the reliability of your pipes. Plan ahead and have a gas fitter and plumber conduct routine maintenance before those pipes burst and you have to shut down. 

Commercial plumber in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs

Fully qualified to handle the complex plumbing maintenance and gas installations required for commercial kitchens and facilities, Almac Plumbing is the only call you need to make to keep your commercial business plumbing and gas in working order. 

Choosing Almac Plumbing as your commercial plumber or gas fitter ensures you get 100% satisfaction guaranteed work. So, no matter what type of commercial business you have, you can trust Almac Plumbing with all your commercial plumbing and gas fitting needs. 

Commercial plumbing service and gas fitting for businesses across Beaumaris, Brighton, Bayside, Cheltenham, Kingston, and beyond into Melbourne’s southeast.