Working plumbing is something we take for granted until it doesn’t work. For a homeowner, it’s inconvenient and frustrating, but can be fixed with a quick call to their residential plumber. But what if you own a commercial business like a restaurant? If your toilets won’t flush or your dishwasher won’t drain – it means not only a huge headache and a call to your commercial plumber, but even maybe a shut down for the day! 

Why do businesses need commercial plumbers & gas fitting?

We think commercial plumbing & gas fitting is like insurance. You have it and don’t think about it until something goes wrong. Unlike insurance though, commercial plumbing maintenance can help alleviate emergency plumbing issues by maintaining your plumbing system. Don’t wait for a busy day that results in dirty plates due to a dishwasher clog. Or gas burners, not lighting because the new gas stove was not installed properly. Always use an experienced commercial plumber and gas fitter to install and maintain your plumbing and gas appliances.

Commercial appliances

Without a doubt, restaurants and cafes are busy spaces with a load of equipment and commercial plumbing. Commercial gas appliances are built to last and usually provide excellent service for years. However, in commercial facilities like restaurants and cafes, gas appliances experience excessive wear and tear. That’s why we recommend commercial gas appliances be checked and maintained by an experienced commercial plumber and gas fitter regularly to keep your operation running in tip-top shape. 

Reliable commercial gas appliance repairs in Melbourne

As experienced commercial plumbers and licensed gas fitters in Melbourne, we do a range of repairs for commercial gas appliances including:

  • Commercial gas equipment repairs
  • Commercial gas appliance repairs
  • Gas cooktop repairs
  • Commercial fryers
  • Deep fryers
  • Commercial grills
  • Gas stove repairs
  • Gas oven repairs
  • Commercial hot plates
  • Commercial gas stoves

Our experienced team of gas fitters will ensure your commercial gas appliances are repaired and restored (without causing more damage). 

With a working knowledge of various commercial appliance brands, we know exactly where to begin when starting our repairs. We are known for our reliability, efficiency and cleanliness. With over 20 years of experience behind us, the team at Almac are here to assist you with your commercial plumbing and gas fitting needs. Contact us on 1300 125 622.