Transform your home into an oasis of comfort with an indoor gas heater! Whether you choose a gas log fireplace, a portable gas heater, hydronic heating or natural gas ducted heating – there are many benefits to natural gas heating.

1/ Gas heaters are energy-efficient and cost-effective

Indoor gas heaters are typically cheaper to run than an electric heater. On average, gas heaters produce more heat output than an electrical heater. Unflued gas heaters produce 6kW of heating – the same you would get from 3 electric 2 kW heaters! Not to mention natural gas is considered one of the lowest-cost fuels on the market. 

2/ Gas heaters are environmentally friendly

According to, gas heaters produce “a quarter to a third of the carbon of an equivalent electric heater”.  So unless you get your electricity from renewable sources, natural gas may be the cleanest and more environmentally friendly choice.

3/ Gas heaters can be compartmentalised

Heating an entire home when you are only using a few key rooms is a waste of energy and money. Using a gas heating system that allows you to section off zones within your home – gives you flexibility and options to suit your personal needs.

4/ Gas provides a reliable heat source

Always reliable, gas delivery is not impacted by weather issues, power outages, surges or faults. We might underappreciate it, but flicking a switch to ignite your gas heating is as reliable as the sun coming up tomorrow. 

5/ Gas provides instant heat

Most of us hate being cold, so getting warm a.s.a.p. is a huge benefit indoor gas heating can provide. As soon as gas heating is turned on, the heat begins to circulate. This is a far quicker and hassle-free option compared to building and nurturing an open fire.  

Over time, the only thing you will need to think about with your indoor gas heating is to have it regularly inspected and maintained by a licenced gasfitter. 

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