Did you know that in Victoria some types of DIY plumbing work is illegal?

With the recent surge in DIY (Do It Yourself) home renovation shows, and many Melbournians stuck at home due to COVID restrictions, we see many homeowners try to undertake a renovation themselves. Victorian law is clear; you need to engage a professional and qualified plumber to perform work or repairs on your residential plumbing and commercial plumbing for that matter. 

DIY videos on Youtube may help you with simple plumbing fixes, but those videos probably won’t cover all of the issues that arise when fixing plumbing, nor will the outcome be safe (or legal). Save yourself time not to mention stress by engaging a professional Brighton plumber to renovate your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Hiring an experienced, and friendly Brighton plumber benefits you in several different ways.

1/ You won’t be breaking the law

It is illegal to work on plumbing in Australia unless you are a licensed plumber. If someone goes wrong when you do a DIY plumbing fix you may end up with a hefty fine and potentially not be covered by your insurance.

2/ Experienced qualified plumbers save money and time

The licensed Bayside plumbers at Almac Plumbing have completed many bathrooms, kitchen and laundry renovations. With over 20 years of experience, Almac Plumbing’s knowledgeable and experienced technicians know what plumbing to do to complete your home renovation efficiently and effectively, saving you valuable time and money when juggling multiple trades for a home renovation. Plus our experienced plumbers local to Sandringham, Hampton, Brighton, Bentleigh, Elsternwick can quickly fix any issues that may arise during your residential plumbing renovation keeping it on-time and on-budget.

3/ Knowledgeable qualified plumbers identify plumbing issues

Our experienced plumbers will identify problems to fix during your renovation, such as sluggish drains or a toilet that always backs up. By discussing your home’s current conditions before the renovation, our team can tackle repairing aspects of your plumbing when it is exposed to not only upgrade your plumbing but repair it at the same time if need be.

4/ You don’t have to purchase plumbing tools

Plumbing tools are expensive, not to mention, require specific knowledge to use them. Save yourself money and time by hiring a professional Sandringham, Hampton, Brighton, Bentleigh, Elsternwick qualified plumber to complete your home renovation. 

Contact Bayside’s best plumbers for residential renovations

If you are building a new home or extending your existing house you want the right plumber for the job. Our experienced team of plumbers local to Sandringham, Hampton, Brighton, Bentleigh, Elsternwick at Almac Plumbing can help integrate plumbing systems designing and fitting them to suit your home renovation. 

Contact us to obtain a quote for your renovation and discuss any plumbing issues or repairs on 1300 125 622. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the friendly, clean and reliable professionals technicians at Almac Plumbing will have your plumbing system upgraded and installed quickly.

Offering unparalleled expertise, Almac Plumbing technicians have over 20 years of experience ensuring the safest, most reliable plumbing for Bayside, Sandringham, Hampton, Brighton, Bentleigh, Elsternwick and surrounds to both residential and commercial property.