Play And Grow Grease Interceptor

Project Brief

DATE:6th October 2015


CATEGORY: Commercial









This particular project was reasonably straight forward. We try and do as much research with the equipment we have available to ensure that we are not only doing the job properly, but also making the job as easy as possible and to also help the job run as smooth as possible. Also to ensure we eliminate any obstacles that may be in the ground that we can not see.


This Childcare centre required a 600 litre Grease interceptor installed to manage the high output of kitchen waste. Being the fact that we could not direct the under slab drainage, we used a pump system to separate the kitchen drainage from the rest of the fixtures. We gave the customer 2 separate options. Option 1, was an above ground grease trap, option 2, was a below ground grease trap, which was a much better direction to go in. When the grease trap is under the ground, it performs much better as it stays cooler and it’s also completely out of the way.


The Grease interceptor was required by South east water trade waste as mentioned because of the high output of the kitchen catering for many children.

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