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Buying a home is a tonne of work. First you need to search around and find the type of home you’re after, then you need to attend inspections for the next 10 months, every weekend. Then once you’ve found that home that you know you can see yourself purchasing (that’s if you make it through auction) you need to be sure that there’s nothing wrong with it right? Nobody wants to be buying into a money pit. I was recently involved in some renovation works at an old home in Bentleigh East that needed some work done to the stormwater. Well needless to say after a few hours of investigating, […]

  6 Helpful things that you can do for your plumber, and ultimately save you some cash. Let’s be honest, not all of us are very hands-on kind of people, the thought of something being majorly wrong in your house worries you. Even the thought of trying to explain it, especially if you have no idea what the problem is, or is even related to. “I don’t know what’s wrong! Theres water leaking from somewhere!” Thats ok though, because there are professionals here to help you with these things. We’ll come over to your house, set your mind at ease and generally sort the problem out in a nice and […]

  It’s getting a little bit chilly, Winter is just around the corner and although we’ve had a seemingly never ending summer (probably twice that of some countries!) we all have to face the facts that it gets cold here at this time of year. Time to fire up the good old gas heating system that hasn’t been used in probably 8 months or more. It’s a little dirty, there’s dust inside the fan, you open up the flap at the front to light it and it’s so dusty you can’t even read the dials! Better yet, a family of spiders has migrated and made themselves a nice family home […]